There is a yoga that requires you not to move and yet it is a great practice.

"Yoga nidra is a great treasure. It is a potent meditative resource for healing, insight, and empowerment. It's a state of consciousness in which we are invited to re-encounter the essential truth of who we really are.

Yoga nidra provides us with the opportunity to experience deep freedom. It welcomes us all home to ourselves."

~Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoga Nidra Online Sessions Download Files

These download files will be available to download untill April 28

Guided Meditations

Meditation can eliminate stress and replace it with an inner peace, but practicing alone can be difficult if you have not meditated before. Our guided meditations can help you find a regular practice as neither of them are very long. Practicing regular without any expectations will give you a better chance to find that inner silence.

Try to just listen to the voice, if thoughts enter your mind just let them arise and continue listening to the guided meditation. The more you practice the less 'disturbing' thoughts will come.

There will be a day when you've sat in meditation and you suddenly find yourself at peace, in the moment.

Take a comfortable position, one that you can maintain for as long as the meditation takes. There is no need to take the Lotus position, you can be in any seated or reclined position that suits you.

Download donations are set to £10 per mp3, but if you feel that you really benefit from these, a higher donation is always welcomed.

Yoga Nidra