Yin Yoga

Lucy Alves Yoga

There is another yoga that requires you not to move and yet it is a very challenging practice.

Yin Yoga is the practice that targets the connective tissue of the body and generally the hips, pelvis and lumbar spine through a series of postures that are held for a set period of time. A opposed to Yang practice or even Pilates Yin yoga allows the body to gradually open and will help find release in a mindful, but yet challenging practice. We will hold poses from one to as long as, for the advanced series, twenty minutes and anything in between.

Yin is the perfect complement exercise for the more Yang styles of practice like other Yoga styles and Pilates.

Yin Yoga is not a restorative yoga practice. Like all yoga practices, if the tissues you are targeting for exercise are damaged in some way, please give yourself a chance to heal before resuming your regular practice.

Yin Yoga

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