Curvy Yoga

Lucy Alves Yoga

The yoga that is within the possibilities of the bigger sized bodies. It requires you to let go of the idea that the yoga is only for the slim, young and flexible.


During class we work on your posture and stamina using a variety of props to make every pose within each student's reach without it being too difficult and yet it can be a very challenging practice.


Starting off with the basics we slowly work our way up to a sweat and without you realising it you will workout, tone up and lose the idea that you can't...


In this style of Yoga we tend to take things slower and wider to accommodate the body and breath. We will hold some poses while others will be dynamic but both aim to burn calories and tone up.


We will also practice breathing techniques to increase oxygen intake and a general sense of relaxation.

Curvy Yoga

Courses in Oxton, Wirral and

Winsford, Cheshire


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Artwork by Ian Hill-Smith